Zdenac - Pokret Misionara Milosrđa - Ongoing projects

The project was born as a response to the situation of many families living in extreme poverty, whose children do not go to school, but spend their time on the street, trying to survive on hot asphalt, walking barefoot, dirty and in torn clothes. Young children are completely naked or, at best, half-naked.

Many of them live on ranches or in rented houses, without water, electricity, or sanitary facilities.                                                            

Due to the recommended distance and an insufficient number of school desks, students will have to sit on the dusty savannah floor. Sitting on the ground is very difficult for writing and maintaining the concentration needed to follow classes.

Due to the great poverty in Venezuela and lack of means of subsistence, especially children suffer from hunger and lack of clothing. Regularly children up to the age of seven walk naked or half-naked. Elderly people are often seen on the street in old torn pyjamas.

With this project we help poor children in schooling and their overall development, their families who are in most cases dysfunctional, whether one or both parents have died, or the parents are divorced and many times left in the care of a family or to someone who provides them with a roof over their heads.

Modern society and the accelerated way of life do not leave enough quality time for parents to raise their children. Grandparents are placed in institutions and there is a growing number of incomplete families. Schools are increasingly focused on education rather than on upbringing and the adoption of basic life values. All this leads to a permissive way of upbringing where family rules, boundaries and values are vague, indefinite and changeable. Technology and consumerism have imposed themselves as prevailing social values. 

We invite all people of goodwill to be permanent benefactors of present and future acts of charity with a standing order to their current bank account, with a minimum of 3 $ per month (i.e. the amount you would spend on the purchase of two loaves of bread). Zdenac Milosrđa brings you, your family, friends and acquaintances to put your "two loaves" on the palms of Jesus.

Thousands and thousands of children in Venezuela are suffering from starvation.

You have an opportunity to help us by donating at generosity.com crowdfunding page.

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